I look so different without facial hair!

I am not trying to flirt with you or get into your pants. I am just trying to start a friendship, but if pants come off after that then that’s another story!

Counting down the days.

I plan to go to heaven, I’ve done my time in hell!

We all have our own camouflage. Unique to us to fit our lives. At a point though my camouflage became more than that. I started to believed it. It became real to me. It became more than a camouflage. It became a part of me. After that point though I would soon learn a valuable lesson.

My heart is pounding. Faster, and faster. There is no other sound in the dead silence of the room. An internal thump is now becoming external. Faster and faster my heart is pounding. It fills the room, its all I hear. It takes the rhythm of a machine gun firing. Rapid pounding leaving me filled with excitement and fear at the same time. Been here before!